5 Comics That Are Funny and Relatable

5 Comics That Are Funny and Relatable

While classic comics are often dismissed nowadays for being ‘boomer humor’, there are still many of them that are relevant and entertaining. There are also relatively modern ones that make us chuckle from time to time. The purpose of these comics is to make you laugh (just like the purpose of sign up offers at William Hill will is to have fun) but also to reflect on your own life. This list includes classics, modern comics, and webcomics.

Hägar the Horrible

One of the immortal classics, Hägar the Horrible is a Viking, created by Dick Brown and his family. As a stereotypical Viking, he wants to fight, lead, conquer, and drink. He is also faced with family members and their issues, like his wife Helga, having typical problems of a housewife, daughter Honi, who can’t choose between getting married and dedicating her life to a career, and son Hamlet, who is not adjusted to the Viking society due to his love of reading. There is a rich cast of characters, with everyman situations and problems.


The Merc with a Mouth is not, by a long shot, a good guy. This is a guy who sometimes works for the greater good and other times for himself. He can be very kind and unbelievably cruel. Deadpool is from the Marvel universe and has frequently run across the X-Men and Spiderman, making the lives of his allies and enemies miserable with his exploits and sense of humor, as well as him breaking the 4th wall. As an immortal character that is seriously sick, both mentally and physically, Deadpool is what you would expect a hyped-up teen with a weird sense of humor would create.

Living with Hipster Girl and Gamer Girl

Jagodibuja is the screen name of the artists behind the comic. It comes in Spanish and English, following the adventures of Erica, Sophie, and their roommate, Arthur. There are constant jokes on sexuality, the relationship between men and women, corporate greed, and political issues. It is great for people who don’t mind unrealistic anatomy with risqué illustrations and don’t mind quirky humor. In other words, it’s not for everyone.

Order of the Stick

This is one of the many comics parodying RPGs, particularly D&D. However, despite its crude and simplistic art style, it persisted for more than a decade and has a loyal following. Earlier episodes dealt with humor surrounding D&D rules, though they have since moved on to a real-growing storyline. It is worth checking out, simply for the love of adventuring and the humor in the conflict between the characters.


Garfield has moved on from the newspaper and has gone online. The orange cat that loves lasagna and hates Mondays is the epitome of selfishness, gluttony, and laziness. We love him for how relatable the character is, with his cynicism and almost complete disregard for the people around him, which isn’t to say he doesn’t love them – he simply has narcissistic limits.

On a side note, Garfield has inspired two separate internet phenomena – Garfield Minus Garfield, which is a comic about his owner, Jon, with Garfield edited out, and I’m Sorry, Jon, a grotesque horror story which we do not recommend to those with a tendency to develop nightmares (this isn’t a marketing spiel – if you are not into grotesque and gory horror, you should seriously not look for this).