7 Eco-Friendly Apps to Fight Climate Change

7 Eco-Friendly Apps to Fight Climate Change

Despite what some people may say, our climate is changing. There are causes outside of human interference, but we can still do our part to prevent the damage from getting out of hand. Thankfully, we now have technology on our side, and instead of using it only for finding great betting bonus codes such as bet365 Bonus Code 2021 India, we can also use it for fighting climate change. Several different organizations, recognizing the urgency of action, have developed eco-friendly apps that help us understand climate change and fight it.

MathTappers: Carbon Choices

One of the things you hear most about when it comes to climate change is the carbon footprint. Basically, it is a total of carbon gas emissions coming from a single person, household, region, or country. MathTappers: Carbon Choices lets you see, in real-time, how your everyday activities may pollute the environment and let you make appropriate changes. The app, developed for iOS, lets you see how much CO2 you are emitting annually by eating, traveling, and doing other things.


#Climate is not only an app on iOS, but it is also a full-fledged platform. It is informative, as it gives you plenty of data on how you can reduce pollution and help protect the environment. It also lets you connect with people of similar interests. Speaking of interests, you should choose a few that are right up your alley, and you will be given some information on how these areas can be improved by you. You can share your causes and achievements through social media.


If you are not sure how to properly recycle or would simply like to learn more about it, we recommend RecycleNation. The app is available for Android and iOS devices and it tells you which items can and should be recycled and how you can go about doing it. It also helps you find locations that are going to take your recyclables.


Individual effort is underappreciated, but supporting brands that recycle and boycotting those that don’t is also a solid action one can take. Buycott lets you scan the barcode of a product you are considering and tell you the exact effect the production of the goods has on the environment, letting you make an informed decision before buying. The beauty behind this is that you are making your voice heard by simply purchasing the goods you are comfortable with. The idea is that the brands that are not eco-friendly may be persuaded to join the cause this way.


You’ve heard of the carbon footprint, but what about your impact on the global supply of water? Waterprint is an app that tells you how much of this substance is used for many different things and to help you not waste it. It’s not just the water you drink, it is also the water that is used to create what you are wearing or eating.


Much like Buycott, GoodGuide gives you some idea about the goods you are purchasing and letting you decide if this action is ethically justifiable. You can see which products are GMO, which of them contain gluten, but also which products are likely the result of sweatshops and brands that have repeatedly dropped the ball on recycling and polluting. Their database covers over 70,000 different products, so it is worth checking out.

Carma Carpooling

Carpooling is one of the actions used to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption in general when it comes to commuting to work. The problem arises when your coworkers live nowhere near you. Carma Carpooling circumvents this problem, by using methods of ride-sharing services. You don’t even have to get personal about it, you are simply going to see who is near you and going your way. From there, it is easy to arrange transportation. There aren’t many places where Carma Carpooling is available, but we expect there will be more in the future.