5 Best News Apps

5 Best News Apps

Getting informed is important in today’s world. It is the only way to be up to date with everything that is happening in the world. Watching TV is one of the ways to be updated on what is going on, but that is often not the best way to do it. Some people stay updated on sports events by using sportsbooks and betting applications such as Betway, accessible from this link https://bettingbonuscodes.in/betway-app/. However, that is just one way to be updated, and on one topic. Applications are the go-to solution for most people when it comes to staying updated. Here are the best news applications.

Google News

This is an easy choice for every Android user. Google simply gets the best search results, but also, delivers news on time and with precision.

You can customize the app to bring you the news that you want the most, not just global, but local and whatever you choose. Weather can be integrated into the application, as well as notifications about any topic you specify.

Google is also available on iOS devices, and not just Android ones, which cannot be said the same for Apple News, another great application, restricted to iOS devices only.

AP News

Why not get a standard news approach? Choose the topics you like and be informed about them. The Associated Press delivers news from its own network, so you will be able to get informed about local and international topics. The app is available on both popular systems, Android and iOS. Customized alerts are available, when people want to be notified about a specific topic.


This news service actually delivers news from popular news sources such as the Guardian, Economist, Bloomberg and many more. This application is great for those who prefer such news sources and want to stay updated from a rather specific news aggregate. It is available on both android and iOS, but one has to pay a fee, either per article or monthly/annually. Whichever the case, the application is great for bringing multiple reputable sources to people, in a single, unified experience. 


Inoreader is a great application for RSS feeds and anything from news and social media feeds. Like most news apps on the list, it is highly customizable, to allow users to create their own experience, as best as possible. It is available on Android and iOS so both users will be able to experience all the news that they can get. It is a subscription-based application so people will have to pay on a monthly or annual basis.


This is a news app, but it is also an application that focuses on presentation which is great because people love being shown things in an artistic way. When people get a news feed which is not only full of content, but also organized in a lovely way, then they are more likely to read.

These are the five best news applications, for both Android and iOS users. Those which are for a single system-only, have not been mentioned, except Apple News.