How Popular Are Streaming Services?

Digital content is slowly overtaking other types of content. When we look at what is the most popular way of accessing content nowadays, the internet is the number one solution. The internet means digital content, often in the form of streaming.

Streaming has been growing steadily. Streaming and online entertainment was previously predicted to continue a strong showing, but how strong? Let us take a closer look at how streaming has grown in the past couple of years and the rising popularity of streaming services.

Streaming Has Become the Number 1 Way to Access Content

What was once the radio and broadcast TV, has now been replaced by streaming. It was not fully replaced, but it was replaced to the point that broadcast TV companies have started offering streaming as one of their main packages and that radio companies have fully embraced streaming, while also sticking to the standard ways of broadcasting.

Streaming, whether streaming video game creators, chess, music, or on-demand television shows and movies, is the number one way of consuming digital content nowadays.

Netflix Dominates Most of the World

As far as paid streaming services go, Netflix dominates most of the world in this regard. Netflix is the go-to streaming service for most users in the world, and definitely in the United States. They offer exclusive and non-exclusive TV shows and movies, in all genres, from fiction to non-fiction work. While they are one of the most popular video streaming services, they are not among the most popular music streaming services, the reason being, they don’t offer music streaming.

Spotify Dominates the Music Market (Barely)

Spotify is one of the most widely-used music streaming services in the world. It is in the lead, but only by a hair. Their largest competitor is Apple Music. YouTube doesn’t really count, because they are free, or rather, YouTube offers videos as well as music, which puts them in a different category.

Spotify is great and has a free and premium version, both of which are great for the majority of users. Apple Music comes for free with Apple smartphones and can also be downloaded for Android smartphones, should users want an Apple touch to their music.

Hulu Offers the Best Variety of Sports and Live TV

Live TV is still very much in demand and most users have turned to streaming services for live TV as well. Hulu is one of the best services when it comes to providing users with a great live TV experience, as well as a variety of sports. 

There are plenty of sports-only services, but it would be appropriate to include a service that presents the user with more than just sports options, such as Hulu.

Streaming has changed the world and it is shaping up to be a great change. It is a growing trend and will most likely overtake broadcast TV completely. 

We will likely still have the option of both, though streaming seems like the logical choice going forward, especially when the infrastructure for fast internet is implemented in most countries of the world.